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About the Art

Kodama Bebop

If Kaida Bomb is the Cosmonaut, Kodama Bebop is the spaceship. KB is an art collective that mixes 3D_Printing, digital artwork, analog painting, music composition, photography, and our very own in house designed custom 3dP Frames.

After years of tap dancing around poetic fuck ups, we have gone live in 2023! Located in North Texas with an elderly fat cowdog. 


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About the Artist

Kaida Bomb

In Spanish, "Caida" means the Fall.


But it turns out, I was wrong

and it's a myth that "Kaida" in Japanese means Little Dragon,

destined to do great things. Can you believe the internet lied?!

I didn't know that when I combined them with "Bomb", which in the olden days of street art meant to paint graffiti.  

I never got the memo that we can't invent words and assign new meaning, so Kaida now, in this Made-Up Bullshit Language,

means little dragon as a reference to the "Feathered Serpent" for the Aztec, Quetzalcoatl, the patron for knowledge, learning and creativity. 

Originally, the meaning was supposed to be, about the idea that a catastrophe of a downfall, is in tragic limitations of an imagination. 

Giving up. Quitting the Art.  Dreams unrealized.


Spiritual suicide terrifies me. 

Out there in the wild, how many paintings were never painted?

Songs never written? Ideas that went straight to the wealthiest place in the world, the graveyard.

All the beautiful unborn, unrealized ideas and magic

never brought into our world.  

Kaida Bomb is my attempt, however flawed, ugly to some, dumb to others, pretty to a few, fucking awesome to ME, to just put in the hours trying

to make something pretty for this world, even when grotesque.

Just keep moving forward. Keep moving... 

3d-Printing is wild! It's a magic box that shits out ideas.

For the first time in history, it combines a venn diagram of technology, art, business and manufacturing. Holy, fucking, smokes. 

I don't think anything else about me is important. The human here doesn't matter. This is just an avenue dedicated to the interactions between an animal and a muse.


It's my meat bone arm trying to bring something out from the river of imagination, where ideas of light go into dream and become tangible.

This Kaida Bomb thing is the adventures of that border between our worlds. 



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Coyote Small_edited_edited.jpg

The Goods

About the Abouts

For sales of the Analog Paintings out in the wild, please take a photograph of the painting and direct message either Kodama Bebop on Instagram with an offer.


If we're close, then we can negotiate. You might catch us on a day we'll take a smaller offer!

For commissions, please reach out to either Kodama or Kaida, with the size, budget, colors, time frame and any ideas you might have. Considering this particular style is somewhere in the abstract world, it may go in a totally different direction, but your inception should be part of the process to ensure that it's specially made just for you. 

*News - Commissions closed until September 2023*


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